The ordeal of finding the ‘right’ local service pros and contractors

We are all in constant need for services to keep things on track – from painters, plumbers, landscapers, appliance repair specialists and electricians. It’s almost a daily need, and it is often a painful experience. From searching through newspapers to scouring the internet; from trying to get someone referred by a friend, to asking around – this is a tedious task often with poor response, time wasted and leaving you at your wits ‘end.
Just count the number of times we all have faced the ordeal of dealing with endless search for the right guy, slapdash quality and delays, and paying unreasonably – all taking a toll on our peace of mind and costing more than it should. This culture of “bad service” and “ripping-off” is inflicted on us while we sit on the side-lines, and it happens A LOT.

Reasons for the painful experiences are many:

The way we search for service pros is wrong
Think about how we go about getting quotes. We start by making an ‘option’ list by getting phone numbers from the Internet, local newspapers or asking around. The problem with this list is that it’s not in our best interests and in the best interests of the other person. We’ve heard many stories of people asking the local hardware store for a good plumber. As it turns out, the lady at the till has a brother in desperate need of work (despite being a terrible plumber) and referred him to you. This method is extremely biased and not in your best interests.
Websites and classifieds don’t reflect their reputation
There is very little information available around the skills, background, and quality of people and their work if you’re finding them on a listing site or elsewhere on the web. Quality and quantity of information is not trustworthy enough – and as a result there are plenty posing as the best-in-the-business, while their reputation is bad and they have a trail of unhappy customers. Review and ratings are pointless unless from a trustworthy source.
Fly-by-nights and the age of startups
We must realise that methods that worked years ago in a closely knit society and life-time relationships with service pros are no longer realistic. Good old-fashioned business has gone out of the window. Sure, there are plenty skilled and honest service pros doing good job out there. But the chances are high that it’s too easy nowadays for anyone to start a business and claim to have ‘years of experience’ behind them. The real challenge lies in finding the people and businesses that have a long-standing record with a good reputation.
We’re all too busy to keep a watchful eye:
The problem is made worse by our lifestyles. We’re too busy with our jobs, our children and everything else to sit and keep an eye on the electrician getting the job done. We also don’t understand what he’s supposed to do – it’s not our job and we should not be expected to understand the ins and outs of their work.
The media has made us want more
The media (especially image and ideas-driven platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook) have left us wanting for more. Think of Princess themed birthday party or décor trends – we are thrown with so many ideas that the opportunities for specialised services grow. We need more specialized stuff, we need it more often, and we demand fast service without derailing us from our daily routine.
We can all cast a nod to one of these scenarios, but the fact is that none of us should have to fend for ourselves when finding a service pro. We expect the job to be done – when we’re paying for it.
This is where PriceAll steps in – it helps us find ‘trusted’ businesses recommended and vetted by others. PriceAll revolutionises the good old-fashioned word-of-mouth by taking it digital.
Have you had a good experience with PriceAll , or a bad experience finding a service pro on your own? Please share these with us.

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