One submission gets you multiple quotes #knowbeforeyougo

Why did we build PriceAll?

Founded in 2014, PriceAll was envisioned to become a national marketplace for both the home user and Companies/Service Providers. Through our five years of market research and testing, we developed PriceAll more and more to become a useful tool for businesses to increase their leads to sales percentages.
For a Company
As a company, we understand that converting leads into sales involves higher costs, time, calls and travel. This is why we built the PriceAll Marketplace. A convenient integrated dashboard with all of the rich features that PriceAll has to offer.
For the Home User

For the Home user, PriceAll has been built to be simple, effective and efficient. Everything you need, in one place and one click away! You don’t have to leave your house, without knowing everything about your product or service – #knowbeforeyougo

Mission Statement

To provide quality leads to Companies and Service Providers while providing the home user with the ease of searching, locating and requesting quotes on products and services.


A simple to use marketplace that builds our customers businesses, in-turn, improving the quality of products and services to their customers.

Invest in PriceAll

PriceAll’s future is very bright! We would love to have you on board as an investor. If you see our potential, and would like to talk about investing in us, you just may be one of the first to say “you knew PriceAll when”. Maybe being an investor is not your thing! We are always looking for supporters, Mentors and Allies. If you would like a seat inside the PriceAll “boiling room” – Let’s meet

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