5 Easy steps in helping you choose a plumber

Plumbing repairs or plumbing renovations needed?


Choosing a plumber that is able to do the job efficiently, cost effective and on time can be quite a challenge.


Here are 5 easy steps to help you choosing a plumber:


1. Certification/Warranty. Asking a plumber if he is certified might seem a bit too obvious but checking the basics will help prevent future headaches. A certified plumber is further able to provide a certificate of compliance for the work he will perform. Most parts and workmanship should carry a warranty of up to one year.


2. Plumbing experience. Plumbing jobs in general are routine and most plumbers are able to fix the problem at hand. When faced with a more complex plumbing job ask the plumber if he has performed this kind of work before or if he has the tools to perform the job. When looking for a plumber ensure that the way in which they advertise themselves are in line with the problem/renovation you are wanting done.


3. Written Quotation. Always ensure that the plumber provides you with a written quotation for the work he will be performing. If he is not able to do so move on to the next plumber.


4. Length of service as a plumber. The length of service will not only indicate his level of experience but further prove he has a track record of successful work done before.


5. References. Good old fashioned references still remain the best way of ensuring that the plumber you choose is capable and able to do the work needed. Making contact with previous customers will very quickly provide you with an overview of the plumbers capabilities. Rule of thumb, call more than one reference, and depending on the size of the job go and do a site visit.


It might be wise to do the above before that crisis happens, have that list of potential plumbers checked and ready. Being prepared might just save you further headaches. Either way going through PriceAll will save you time in this regard, you can check
who’s verified and make better decisions based on that.


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